Dog Training

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Having a well mannered dog goes a long way in our society more so now than ever before. Training your dog to co-exist peacefully is your responsibility and here are some tips for success.

Training your dog can be a wonderful experience that will help you and your dog understand each other. Remember you are partners in this relationship so clear communication is essential.

Training should be fun, filled with praise, consistency, and it should above all be fair. We have been using positive reinforcement training with our dogs and we have found that the dogs respond much better to it. Positive reinforcement training means basically that when your dog does the behavior you are looking for they get something good following it. It can be a treat, their favorite toy, or even just a pat on the head. Find what your dog loves and he will work for it. Training this way can help ensure that the behavior will happen in the future. Old style training can make your dog do what you want out of fear and that isn’t how you want your dog to see you, as something to fear.

Timing is important in dog training as you want to praise your dog for the behavior and not for what comes after. For example, you are teaching your dog look at you and when he does your timing is off and he looks at the cat. You praise him then and he will begin to associate looking at the cat and not you with the command. Not everyone has great timing when starting out but stick with it and it will fall into place.

Taking your dog to a dog obedience school or class in your area is a great idea. We suggest that you investigate who is giving classes in your area and contact to see what type of training they provide. Is it a class setting or private training? Do they use purely positive training techniques or still rely on the old pop and jerk of the leash. Make sure you are comfortable with the training methods and instructor. Remember this is your baby you are training and you are a team. You wouldn’t want to do anything that could jeopardize the relationship between you and your dog.

Without a strong bond and relationship training can be difficult and behavior problems can arise.