A Dog’s Nutrition Part 2

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Dry kibble is the most widely sold type of dog food and contain about 10% water and 90% dry matter. Dry food is a combination of meat by-products, grains, fats, vitamins and minerals while canned food is made up of 22-32% dry matter and 68-78% water.

Make sure you read the label on whatever type of food you buy to make sure it meets the National Research Council’s guidelines for canine nutrition and is also certified by the Association of American Feed Control Officials.

How Much Should I Feed My Dog?

Dog’s vary greatly in the amount of food necessary to keep them at their optimal weight and health. Active breeds have a much higher metabolic rate than placid breeds. When your dog is a puppy and growing into adulthood they require considerably more food per pound body weight to thrive than full grown adults or senior dog’s do. Most dry dog foods give approximate feeding amounts on their labels. But once again if you feel your dog is getting too heavy or not putting on enough weight check with your vet. The chart below is an estimate of how much you should feed an adult dog each day when using a name brand dry dog food that contains 21% protein, 5% oil, 2.5% fiber and 8% ash:

Breed Type Approximate Weight of Dog Amount of Food To Feed
Toys: Toy Poodle, Miniature Dachshund, Pekinese, Yorkshire Terrier, etc. Up to 11 pounds 3.0-5.0 ounces
Small: Beagle, Jack Russell, Cavalier King Charles, etc 11-22 pounds 3.9-6.0 ounces
Medium: Basset Hound, Bull Terrier, Springer & Brittany Spaniel, etc. 22-55 pounds 10.0-12.0 ounces
Large: Labrador/Goldern Retriever, German Shepherd, Boxer, etc. 55-77 pounds 16.0-18.2 ounces
Giant: Great Dane, Pyrenees, St. Bernard, etc. 77 pounds and Over 24.3-30.4 ounces


There are also supplements and vitamins available for dog’s just like for people that can help keep your dog healthy. We give our dog’s vitamins and The Missing Link Supplement, which has among other things Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fatty acids. We think both supplements have helped our dog’s stay healthy from their energy level to the look and feel of their coats. We began to give them to our dog’s after one of our dog’s had developed some malignant and benign tumors. I am not saying these supplements cured him but he has had less health issues since we introduced them to our dogs.