Great Gatsby Quiz

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Chapter 1

  1. When it comes to judging other people, our narrator, Nick, says that he is which of the following? (1)
    1. Vicious
    2. Authoritative
    3. Reserved
    4. Accurate
    5. Observant
  1. The advice that Nick’s father gave him focused on what? (1)
    1. How to make money
    2. The importance of a good education
    3. How to find a good wife
    4. The necessity of religion
    5. The varying advantages that people receive in life
  1. Who was the only person Nick claimed he did judge? (2)
    1. Gatsby
    2. Himself
    3. His father
    4. Daisy Buchanan
    5. Tom Buchanan
  1. What best describes Nick’s movement in America?  (3, 10, 11)
    1. He has moved from East to West
    2. He began moving West, but stopped
    3. He has moved from West to East
    4. He has remained in one location
    5. He has repeatedly circled back to the East
  1. Tom Buchanan is famous for which of the following? (6)
    1. His gorgeous wife
    2. His college football career
    3. His string of successful business ventures
    4. His amazing house
    5. His Kentucky Derby winning horse
  1. What is Tom’s view of “civilization”? (13, 21)
    1. That it is progressing well
    2. That it is going to pieces
    3. That it is at its peak
    4. That it can’t be tamed
    5. That it just isn’t worth it
  1. What does Daisy hope for her daughter? (17)
    1. That she will be a “beautiful little fool”
    2. That she will “have all the necessary advantages”
    3. That she will “have a different type of life”
    4. That she will “never know labor or work”
    5. That she will “always love her mother”
  1. How does Daisy describe the “girlhood” she and Jordan shared? (20, 8)
    1. “forgotten”
    2. “white”
    3. “scandalous”
    4. “protected”
    5. “provincial”
  1. When he glimpses Gatsby for the first time, what does Nick believe he is doing? (22)
    1. Stretching his arms towards a green light at sea
    2. Pondering his role as ruler of this place.
    3. Drinking deeply from a hidden flask of liquor
    4. Crying softly as he looks West
    5. Planning his return
  1. How does Nick describe Tom’s body? (7)
    1. Strong
    2. Decisive
    3. Slovenly
    4. Cruel
    5. Anxious

11-15.  A for true/B for false.

  1. Daisy’s most enticing quality is her eyes. (9, 10, 18)
  2. As he leaves their house, Nick says he was somewhat disgusted by Tom and Daisy. (20)
  3. It is a common rumor that Tom has a mistress.
  4. When they first meet, Nick is impressed by Gatsby’s firm handshake. (19)
  5. The only difference between East and West Egg is their size. (4-5)