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Perhaps it’s taking a walk or reading a book set a time frame morning and night and then make your project part of your morning and evening routine and in just a few short weeks you will atoned or gained new vocabulary or built your experience you know in discipline and both so it’s actually both you will have gained from what you’re doing and you will have built your discipline and then with commitments. Train your mind on Edusson.

I just have a couple of highlights I want to read from the workbook a moment so the dictionary defines commitment like this a promise to do or give something a promise to be loyal so when you commit yourself to something you are promising yourself to be loyal and remember what you have decided to accomplish we need to keep our commitments whether they are made to others or they’re made to ourselves and then the last little piece really has to do with fulfill your promises to yourself you may not ace it 100% of the time but give yourself a good effort so as I said you know it’s really about your staying power now I want to share with you some of the tools to help you monitor your progress first of all I’m page five and six of your handout these are some of my favorite goal setting and goal getting quotes.

I love to post quotes around my house around the office even in my car on my mirror in my kitchen on the micro with you they really help me stay on course with my goals so maybe you can pull some of these the first one on page five this is the one I was telling you about if you don’t able plan for your life you go where everyone else wants you to go but there are many others I love let’s get to the worksheets because I want to make sure I’ve time to tell you about the worksheets so the first one you have is the five killer goal setting worksheet so the five pillars if you’re familiar with my big life program I talked about the five pillars and giving attention to them over time.

And so I have career family financial spiritual and wellness now I have used this goal-setting sheet with my busy life mastermind group and we actually did this last month now the key if you look at this worksheet is to list one goal and then it’s really important to list a foreseen obstacles so as you set the goal what do you foresee is an obstacle and then you write your actions what are you going to do to stay on course should this obstacle occur so you’re already figuring this out ahead of time you’re being proactive and I’ll give you one example from one of my groups she says a goal on your career acquire MS PowerPoint certification and attend SharePoint training by end of 2016 a foreseeing obstacle is finding time to learn and practice the applications about using shortcuts.