Licensing, Microchipping, Tattoos for Your Dog

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Advantages of Tattoos

  • Do not require special machinery to locate or read.
  • Does not require a vet to do the procedure.
  • Are well-known – most shelters, pounds, labs, police will check for a tattoo

Disadvantages of Tattoos

  • Can be altered, removed, or misread and fades with time.
  • No uniform place to put the tattoo.
  • Cannot be used on most cats.
  • Many people will not turn over a large dog to look for a tattoo

Advantages of Microchips:

  • Can’t get lost like a collar
  • Can’t be worn off or removed like a tattoo
  • Can lead to all of the necessary information about the dog (even preferred food), its owners, breeder, emergency contact and information can be changed readily.
  • Insertion is less traumatic than a tattoo.
  • Being used much more frequently than tattoos, according to some vets.
  • Shelter staff prefer chips — fast, accurate and hands off ; there is some risk in checking flank tattoos of large, frightened, potentially aggressive dogs.

Disadvantages of Microchips

  • Cannot be detected or read without a scanner and not all pounds, shelters, dog control officers have scanners — there may be none in some areas.
  • Some scanners do not read chips from other manufacturers.
  • Microchips cannot be inserted in smaller dogs until after 10 weeks or so — i.e., after the puppy has already gone to its new home

Once inserted, the microchip cannot be seen or move, but can be read by a scanner through the skin. The size of the microchip is about equivalent to a grain of rice.

Either way both of these methods will allow you find Fido in the event he some how loses you.

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