Licensing, Microchipping, Tattoos. Identification For Your Dogs

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Licensing Your Dog

Your dog will either have had their vaccinations or you will be taking them to the vet to get them but please remember to check the laws in your county about licensing your dog. While this may not seem too important to you we found out that in the long run it saved us time and energy. Our dog Parker was attacked by 2 coyotes and the vet was required to submit the information to the county we live in. So we came home the next day and on our front door was this tag that said “Rabies Quarantine” and a number to call. Even though we had proof of Parker’s rabies vaccination the Animal Control department needed proof of Parker being licensed in our County. If he had not been licensed he would have been under quarantine for 3 months instead of just 1 month. Needless to say Parker wasn’t very happy having to be in our house or backyard for a month! Each county has different laws and some may just require that the dog has proof of a rabies vaccination others may not, like in our case. So we say check it out to be safe.

Microchipping Or Tattooing Your Dog

One of the scariest thoughts is what would happen if your dog was lost. What if your dog was not wearing it’s collar and ID tags? How would he be identified and you notified where he is? Even if your dog is lost wearing its collar there is no guarantee that they will still have the collar on when they are found.

Given that the scenario of your dog being lost is a real one we would like to stress that along with regular ID tags on your dog’s collar that you have your dog microchipped. Some people also opt to have their dog tattooed and listed in the National Tattoo Registry.