Planning Content Structure

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We’re never finished with the process well this could be it could be wondering two jobs both onedrive could be content structure or I could function and structure and language write multiple drafts are good to do that right it’s good way to get them to focus on you know look at what they did and trying to fix it make it more polished because if you look at in the 21st century while remaining things right you have to submit things you have to you have to hand in things that are polished already people will focus on the state’s gotta focus on the revisions things right.

So I’m going to share with you right now you don’t have to read all this but this is some of the experts that say why it’s good to correct your own errors language and this is something I’ve been going for years with my students and that is understanding that that that you need to correct your own errors you need to learn from your own mistakes the way that I do this is is a chart and this chart is also included on one of the checklists and the cream webinar olders are the way that I do this remember when I showed you the example of how I like students to write their sink right skip a line between each life a big margins big space on the paper you want to make sure that there’s plenty of space of the paper so that you could put your comments and these symbols that I use are instead of correcting their mistake instead of correcting your burnt ends when there’s a problem with four attempts as I put the letters BTW above that burn so the students will go back and say you know what I’m going to fix my birthday’s torque um or article right maybe there is article in there but it’s the wrong one maybe it’s not a right article preposition maybe they use the wrong preposition so I put PRP above right and word order words need to be changed around all the right words are there.

But during the wrong order word form you need to change with the word for this it’s just a suggestion for me then I found has been very powerful and very effective to students like anything you got to train them how to do that and those are you out in the discussion box talk about talk about some of the ways that you get your own students to try and focus on what they need to work on as individual what they need to work on by themselves right alright so I’m going to come up with some ideas for narrative themes any discussion box as we come as we go through these you could choose whatever they talk about other people from different parts of the world they’re all different types of things and you can offer students a theme and they can make it more specific for their writing.