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 Persuade your reader using both pathos and logos
 Explain the relevance of The Great Gatsby in the present day
Writing Situation:
Imagine that the school board is attempting to ban The Great Gatsby and replace it with an old, classic novel that is more innocent and less controversial (due to The Great Gatsby’s promiscuous content, deceitful characters, and immoral character interactions). Your job is to write a letter to the school board convincing them that The Great Gatsby is a necessary and relevant text that should remain a part of our curriculum.
 Decide on the two-three points you want to use from the article, “Five Reasons ‘Gatsby’ is the Great American Novel”
 Decide upon something you find valuable from what you’ve read so far (this can be related to the ideas you chose from
the article, or it can be something else – vocabulary, historical context, literary element, etc.). This is your choice!
 Write a letter that both appeals to the reader’s logic and touches upon their feelings (about education, student needs,
American society, the American Dream, etc.)
 One page in length
 Direct or indirect references to both texts – article and novel
 Clear logos and pathos
 Formal letter, clearly written for adults on a school board
Ideas and Clarifications:
Pathos: Appeal to feelings and emotions
 Individual’s needs
 Social Needs
 Guilt, fear
 Hopes, dreams, aspirations
 Patriotism, pride
 Reason and logic
 Indisputable facts
 Published in 1925 during the “Roaring Twenties”
 Serves as a social criticism, critiquing both people and ideals in the 1920s in America
 Examines and questions the “American Dream”
 Explores topics like greed, fame, social status, wealth, image, etc.